We first met Joseph when he sold our son’s home in 2012. We were pleasantly surprised when he sold it for more than had expected. His mannerism and character made it a no brainer when it came to selling our home when I retired so we could start travelling and move to the east coast. So we contracted Joseph.
He visited our home and he was amazing. Together, we came up with the value for my home. Then discussed thing we should do to get top value. Taking on these projects Joe was amazing coming over once a week for five weeks and checking on the progress and pointing out any things that we may have missed. Then when we were finish and put it on the market Joe said he would sell it in a week and was sure of getting listed price. Well he did what he said and better he sold it above listed price. Thank you Joseph for guiding us through the renovations and the great return on them. Joseph doesn’t just treat you like he is your agent but he also becomes your friend. I will definitely recommend you anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home. Call Joe now and see for yourself.

Thank you Joe for a job well done.

Kevin & Diana Kenny

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